Wireless Detector Apps and Alternatives

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Wireless communication is the process of transfering data packets over a distance without having to use any cables or wires.

One of the main benefits of using a laptop is that it can be carried around and this also means that accessing an Internet connection is usually based on wireless hotspots.

Wireless detectors have been designed to help users locate these hotspots and to quickly connect to the most reliable one.

Such apps will also allow their users to monitor the signal strength to be able to choose another connection if the initial one is lost.

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Wifi Scanner

Wifi Scanner 2.8.1

Helps you effortlessly scan for wireless networks at any given time, from your Mac's desktop, and ...

Sep 5th 2018, 09:29 GMT
Easy WiFi

Easy WiFi 3.0.143

Find and connect to hotspots on your mobile device.

Aug 20th 2010, 00:25 GMT

Fing 3.0

Discover and scan all the networks, at an amazing speed, in less than 5 seconds

Jan 25th 2016, 10:54 GMT
AirGrab WiFi Radar

AirGrab WiFi Radar 1.2

A free and easy-to-use Mac OS X software solution for detecting and connecting to the available Wi...

Apr 22nd 2009, 17:13 GMT