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Acid-Base Solutions icon Analyze the pH of acid and alkaline solutions, as well as their conductivity, and create your own solutions for experiments, with this Java simulation

Acids and bases have interesting properties that can be demonstrated through experiments, but you don’t always have the necessary means to set up such an experiment. Thankfully, computer simulations provide you with a simple alternative, allowing you to test and showcase their properties outside of a chemistry lab.

Acid-Base Solutions is a program created to help chemistry teachers and other interested users learn more about acids and bases. It allows you to perform measurements and create your own solutions for experiments.

Analyze the properties of various solutions

To begin with, you can choose from several types of solutions: water, strong acid, weak acid, strong base and weak base. Molecules can be viewed through the magnifying glass, and you can also see the concentration of various compounds.

The solution’s pH can be measured either with a digital meter or the classic pH paper. Additionally, you can test the solution’s conductivity.

Create new solutions for experiments

Things can get a bit more complicated if you decide to create your own acid or base solutions. You can customize their strength and concentration, parameters which will affect the solution’s pH and conductivity.

You will see, for example, that it is possible for a weak acid or base to have the same pH as a strong solution if its concentration is higher. There are other things that can be learned from these experiments, such as the similarities between acids and bases.

Useful simulation for chemistry teachers and interested users

Acid-Base Solutions is a relatively simple piece of software, but it can be a valuable tool for chemistry teachers who are trying to show their students how interesting acid and base solutions can be. The program enables you to showcase the properties of acids and bases in an accessible manner, and it allows students to visualize experiments in a new way.

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